Here at Lucky8 Web Design we do not believe in boasting and singing praises about our own skills. Instead, we prefer for our work to do the talking and thus encourage you to check out the work we have done for other businesses and created great web designs for them here.

You can also check out our own website to get a sample of how compatible our websites are on mobiles and how fast their response rate is by seeing how our own website works.

We have strong confidence in developing beautiful and professional websites for everyone. Your business niche or specialty is not a hurdle for us as we can create website designs for everything possible.

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Lucky8 Web Design have the ability to use multiple Content Management Systems, including Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, Wix, Opencart. We don't believe in becoming an 'expert' in just one CMS because what works for one company won't neccessarily work for another.

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Due to the long web development experience, we are also HTML5, CSS3, Jquery and Javascript experts, so we can either build a completely custom NON-CMS website which may be more complicated that what a CMS can actually produce. Alternatively, we can still use a CMS but customise to your needs.

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Check our Testimonials page for some kind words from our clients